Occupation – Five Songs That Shook The World

Occupation – Five Songs That Shook The World

Creative direction; direction of two films*; lyrics for Sleeping Mat Ballad **
Commissions for composers to write songs responding to current events, presented online.

Co-commissioners Welsh National Opera, The Space.org
Partners University of Sussex, FfilmCymru/Wales, BFI Net.Worksponsored by National Lottery

Carleen Anderson (Grains of Dust, on protests in Ferguson, Missouri,*)
Judith Weir (Sleeping-Mat Ballad, on democracy protests in Hong Kong**)
Cerys Matthews (Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, on racial injustice in the US,)
High Contrast (Black Christmas, on Christmas consumption,)
Dan-Wyn Jones (Occupation, using lyrics sourced from public online comment.*)

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Created in 2014-15

Link to Archive images of project website, online from October 2014
Link to The Space Archive of project
Website 10K + views at October 2015
Site taken offline October 2016

Video of site in action on request

The Occupation website was active from the end of October 2014, releasing songs on Youtubeand Vimeo channels between 14.11.14 and 23.01.15. The site was editorially maintained until approx. 15.02.15.
Figures for the site and media platforms during this 3 month period show satisfactory take-up:
14.11.14 – 23.01.15
Views of Occupation website   4,494
Video views on Youtube& Vimeo   7,706
Twitter impressions  82,500
Facebook reach   17,000  (for Cerys Matthews’ video –other artists smaller numbers)
Soundcloudplays   1407

1 year after launch, although no new content had been added for 6 months, interest in songs and site persisted:
14.11.14 – 31.10.15
Viewsof Occupation website  8,831
Video views on Youtube& Vimeo     10,607