Image: Hopkins.  
Media music theatre piece for children, built around orchestral performance programmed by John Woolrich, works by Tansy Davies, Gerald Barry, Maxwell-Davies, Joe Cutler, Thomas Ades, Harrison Birtwistle, Bryn Harrison. Direction, media design.

Masks created by Eve Moss

Repertoire and thematic programming by John Woolrich

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Created in 2011

. Gerald Barry | Triorchic Blues
. Tansy Davies | Hinterland
. Johannes Ockegham (Arr Sir Harrison Birtwistle) | Ut Heremita Solus
. JohnWoolrich | After the Clock
. Bryn Harrison (after William Byrd) | In Nomine
. François Couperin (Arr Thomas Ades) | Les Barricades Mystérieuses
. Luciano Berio | Duetti
. Henry Purcell (Arr Peter Maxwell Davies) | Fantasia on a Ground and Two Pavans
. Joe Cutler | Pulpable Music
. Thomas Adès | Cardiac Arrest (after Madness)